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Électrochimie Interfaciale team seminars


July 16th: Pr. Ulrich Stimming (Newcastle University, UK): A Fuel Cell at 250 °C – what is it Good For?

June 26th: Mariya Petrova: Synergism as a phenomenon in solvent extraction and separation of lanthanoids: molecular diluents vs. IL.

June 12th: Anicet Zadick: Stability of Pt/C and Pd/C catalysts in alkaline medium.

April 27th: Pr. Marc T.M. Koper (Leiden University, NL): Multiple proton-coupled electron transfer and structure sensitivity in electrocatalysis.

April 17th: Pierre-Yves Olu: Dual role of hydroxide adsorption for borohydride electro-oxidation reaction on Platinum.

April 3rd: Mathieu Salanne: Modeling Ion Adsorption and Dynamics in Nanoporous Carbon Electrodes.

March 30th: Gareth Keeley (Max-Planck-Institut für Eisenforschung, Düsseldorf, DE): Dissolution of platinum electro-catalysts in fuel cells.

February 27th: Tristan Asset: Hollow Nanoparticles for low cost, high activity and durability PEMFC catalysts.

February 13rd: Christoph Hennig (ESRF, BM30) and Atsushi Ikeda (Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf, Germany): Coordination chemistry for separation of nuclear-related metals .

January 30th: Vincent Caldera: Physico-chemical behavior of mechanochemically synthesized calcium zincate : literature and first results.

January 16th: Vanessa Luciane Oliveira: Studies of the reaction products resulted from glycerol conversion on Ni-based nanocatalysts: a sustainable fuel (PhD work done at Instituto de Química de São Carlos/USP, Brazil).


December 18th: Maguy Nahra: PhD defending: Dépôts électrochimiques de tantale à partir d’un électrolyte liquide ionique : étude physico-chimique de l’électrolyte et analyse des étapes du dépôt.

December 8th: Professor Fabio Lima from University of San Paulo (San Carlos, Brasil): Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage: Development of Active and Stable Nanostructured Electrocatalysts.

December 1st: Professor Edson Ticianelli from University of San Paulo (San Carlos, Brasil): Direct and indirect utilizations of ethanol on high and low temperature fuel cells

November 21th: Antoine Bach Delpeuch: PhD defending training: Mechanistic study of the ethanol oxidation reaction (EOR) on carbon supported Pt-, Rh- and SnO2-based electrocatalysts in acidic medium.

November 14th: Luis Castanheira: PhD defending: Corrosion des supports carbonés des électrocatalyseurs de pile à combustible basse température.

November 7th: Luis Castanheira: PhD defending training.

November 4th: Gwénaëlle Cognard: Pt electrocatalysts supported on nanostructured Nb-doped TiO2 (nanofibres and aerogel).

October 17th: Marc Zimmerman: Toward a unified mechanism for ORR on glassy carbon in non-aqueous electrolyte.

September 18th: Professor Plamen Atanassov from University of New Mexico (USA): Templated Non-Platinum Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells.

July 11th: Anicet Zadick: When cubes get spherical.

June 27th: Tamirys Rodrigues dos Santos: Corrosion resistance properties of amorphous or nanostructured alloys.

June 20th: Ana-Clara Rocha-Prado: Study of stress corrosion cracking in cables.

June 13th: Botao Huang (post-doc CEA Saclay):  Thermoelectric power conversion towards DMSO based ferrofluids.

June 6th: Drielly Oliveira:

May 16th: Amanda Araujo Silva: Corrosion resistance evaluation of nanotubes formed on the surface of titanium commercially pure for biomedical applications.

April 25th: Gwenn Cognard: Effect of pH on deposition of Pt nanoparticles on TiO2 nanowires by photoreduction.

April 11th: Antoine Bach Delpeuch: Mass spectrometric investigation of ethanol and acetaldehyde stripping on Pt electrocatalyst.

April 8th: Pr. Hamilton Varela (University de São Paulo): Mechanistic aspects of the oscillatory electro-oxidation of small organic molecules.

March 28th: Luis Castanheira: Degradation mechanisms of high surface area carbon supports in PEMFC.

March 14th: Carole Loable: Amorphous coatings on biomedical grade AISI 316L stainless steel.

February 28th: Marc Zimmermann: ORR on glassy carbon in DMSO in presence of alkaly metal cations.

February 14th: Pierre-Yves Olu: investigation of the borohydride oxidation reaction mechanisms on Pt.

Januray 31st: New PhDs presentation

Date of update July 16, 2015

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