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Elimination of Measurement bias in Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy for Solid State electrochemical cells
The purpose of this project is to correct the bias in EIS measurements resulting from various geometrical electrode arrangements in electrochemical solid stat cell. In-house-3D simulator will be proposed to be developed to calculate the EIS distortion (i.e artifact) due to the cell configuration measurements. From classical electrochemical models and Experimental EIS measurements, curve fitting will be performed thanks to a numerical optimization procedure implanted in 3D simulator. It is required to simulate the sample (cell) to its exact scale to carefully scrutinize the moving of iso-potential lines [8]. In addition, the in-house 3D code could be easily implemented into other commercial software (e.g; equivalent circuit models will be directly compared from the raw experimental data). [9-11]. finally the proposed numerical procedure in this project may estimate the error, choose the best equivalent circuit, find their parametric values or/and calibrate the parameters of kinetic models. This Ph.D program is planned during 36 months and will be distributed into two parts: numerical part and experimental part.
Le Conseil national pour le développement de la recherche du Brésil (CNPq) a signé, le 14 février 2013, un accord avec le Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche et l'ANRT pour le financement de Cifre-Brésil destinées à des étudiants brésiliens désireux de faire leur doctorat en France dans un contexte de recherche partenariale.


Directeur :
Ricardo Nogueira
04 76 82 66 98
Responsable administrative :
Théodolinda Vivenzio
04 76 82 65 67
Fax : 04 76 82 67 77