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Materials Interface ELectrochemistry (Team MIEL)


The scientific project of the team are based on material science  and electrochemistry and are largely focused on applications concerning the storage and conversion of energy: fuel cells (PEMFC, SOFC, PCFC), batteries (lithium-polymer, lithium-ion, lithium-sulfur, sodium-ion, magnesium), high-temperature electrolysers. The research activities of the team are based on common descriptors that concern both electrolytes and electrodes, as well as their interfaces.

The objectives of these studies are:

- Design of new materials and the development of original and optimized microstructures to overcome scientific and technological barriers

- Understanding of the physico-chemical properties, as a function of structural, microstructural, functional, thermodynamic and kinetic parameters.

In situ and operando sudies of electrochemical systems under
controlled atmosphere and temperature by coupled techniques (Raman, DRX, tomography ...) and electrochemistry and the development of Raman imaging.

research topics developed

Molecular and Macromolecular Material (Team leader  Cristina Iojoiu)

- Material / property: Synthesis, electrolytes,  nano-structured and functional polymers, interfaces, organic electrode, structure / properties relationship, charge transport, impedance spectroscopy
- System / application: Li metal polymer, Li/S, PEMFC, organic redox, Li-ion, redox flow, Mg
Inorganic Material (Team Leader Cécile Rossignol)

- Material / property: elaboration, solid electrodes and electrolytes, electrostatic spray deposition, micro / nanostructure, interfaces, structure / property relationship, solid electrochemistry, impedance spectroscopy
- System / application: SOFC, EHT, Na-ion
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Material characterisation (in situ, operando)
(Team leader Nicolas Sergent)

Material / property: Raman imaging,  in situ / operando experiments, Raman coupling / electrochemistry, Pulsed Field Gradient NMR, large instrument / electrochemistry coupling (DRX, Tomography)
- System / application: SOFC, PEMFC, Li / S, Li-ion

Written by Olivier Szydlo

Date of update April 29, 2018

Univ. Grenoble Alpes