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Research Laboratory LEPMI, UMR n° 5279​​​​


Thematic research

batiments LEPMI
The Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physical-Chemistry of Materials and Interfaces brings together expertise in most areas of electrochemistry, particularly in electrochemical energy production and storage and photovoltaics, by combining materials science and electrochemical engineering.
From the fundamental study of electrolytes, electrodes and their interface to the modelling of a generator in operation, integrating the durability of materials and systems and their life cycle, its teams aim to improve our knowledge in all areas where the movement of charged species is involved.

Electrochemical energy storage and conversion

  • Functionnal material
  • Electrode, Electrolyte
  • Combined methods
  • Material durability
  • System durability
  • Modeling

Sustainable development

  • Recycling process
  • Corrosion
  • Eco design
  • Second life


Winners of the SCF Transversal Energy Division's 2022 Senior Researcher Award

photo claire The Transversal Energy Division of the Société Chimique de France (SCF) has awarded its Confirmed Researcher Prize to Claire Villevieille, Research Director at the CNRS, at the Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physicochemistry of Materials and Interfaces (LEPMI, Grenoble, France).
This award recognizes Claire Villevieille's work in the field of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and their characterization by physical methods applied in operando mode, relying in particular on large instruments, synchrotron radiation and neutrons. These advanced techniques have allowed her to improve the understanding of the aging and degradation mechanisms of lithium-ion batteries during cycling.

Save the date!

photo winter school

The third edition of the grEnoble eNerGy conversIoN & storagE (ENGINE2023) school offers a theoretical and practical training related to electrochemistry for energy applications to understand all the phenomena at stake within the materials and at the different interfaces.

For its 3rd edition, ENGINE2023 offers courses in electrochemistry, topical and invited seminars from academics and industries, and a visit of the ESRF synchrotron X-ray source. The school will focus on the understanding and electrochemical characterizations of selected Key Enabling Technologies, namely proton exchange membrane fuel cells, hydrogen production and storage devices, new generation of batteries, or supercapacitors. In addition, all the attendees are encouraged to present their work during poster sessions.

Important Information

Date: April 11 to April 14, 2023.
Location: Grenoble, France.


  • 18
    Published on 02/12/2023
    M Ernest AHIAVI will defence his thesis “Lithium Sulfur Battery with a Polymer Electrolyte”
  • 08
    Published on 01/12/2023
    M Raphael Riasse will presente his thesis "Degradation study of membrane-electrodes assemblies for durable operation in automotive proton exchange membrane fuel cells"
  • 15
    Published on 21/11/2023
    M Yunfan Shao will presente his thesis "Single Ion Polymer Electrolytes for Safe and Sustainable Batteries"

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