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Research Laboratory LEPMI, UMR n° 5279​​​​


Thematic research

batiments LEPMI
The Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physical-Chemistry of Materials and Interfaces brings together expertise in most areas of electrochemistry, particularly in electrochemical energy production and storage and photovoltaics, by combining materials science and electrochemical engineering.
From the fundamental study of electrolytes, electrodes and their interface to the modelling of a generator in operation, integrating the durability of materials and systems and their life cycle, its teams aim to improve our knowledge in all areas where the movement of charged species is involved.

Electrochemical energy storage and conversion

  • Functionnal material
  • Electrode, Electrolyte
  • Combined methods
  • Material durability
  • System durability
  • Modeling

Sustainable development

  • Recycling process
  • Corrosion
  • Eco design
  • Second life


Save the date!

MRS Fall 2021 Symposium - Date: November 28th - December 3rd 2021, Boston USA

Symposium CH01-In Situ and Operando Techniques Applied to Electrochemical Systems—A Key Toolkit for Deep Understanding

Symposium Organizers:
  • Claire Villevieille (LEPMI, France)
  • Shirley Meng (UCSD, USA)
  • Kristina Edström (Uppsala university, Sweden)
  • Christian Masquelier (LRSC, France)

A tutorial dedicated to electrochemical impedance spectroscopy will be also held by Prof. Sylvain Franger (France) and Prof. Fabio La Mantia (Germany).


  • 31
    Published on 14/01/2022
    Mme Mirella Al-Katrib will present her thesis "Perovskite Solar Cells Developed Using Electrodeposition".
  • 26
    Published on 08/01/2022
    Mme Delphine Yetim will present her thesis "Development of an innovative process for the closed-loop valorization of used cathode materials from lithium-ion batteries battery".
  • 28
    Published on 08/01/2022
    Mme Marie Minola will present her thesis "Study of corrosion and corrosion protection mechanisms to reduce the electromagnetic signature of ship".

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