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Research Laboratory LEPMI, UMR n° 5279​​​​


Thematic research

batiments LEPMI
The Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physical-Chemistry of Materials and Interfaces brings together expertise in most areas of electrochemistry, particularly in electrochemical energy production and storage and photovoltaics, by combining materials science and electrochemical engineering.
From the fundamental study of electrolytes, electrodes and their interface to the modelling of a generator in operation, integrating the durability of materials and systems and their life cycle, its teams aim to improve our knowledge in all areas where the movement of charged species is involved.

Electrochemical energy storage and conversion

  • Functionnal material
  • Electrode, Electrolyte
  • Combined methods
  • Material durability
  • System durability
  • Modeling

Sustainable development

  • Recycling process
  • Corrosion
  • Eco design
  • Second life


Save the date!

conférence image

International Operando Battery Days is a conference dedicated to the characterization of batteries by means of advanced operando techniques, both in-lab and at Large Scale Facilities (synchrotron, neutron and muons).

Organisation Committee

 This conference is co-organised by CNRS and CEA researchers working in the field of batteries in Grenoble landscape.

- Céline Barchasz (CEA, LITEN, France)
- Fannie Alloin (CNRS, LEPMI, France)
- Sandrine Lyonnard (CEA, Symmes, France)
- Claire Villevieille (CNRS, LEPMI, France)

Scientific Committee

- Daniel Abraham (Argonne Nationnal Lab, USA)
- Hajime Arai (Tokyo University, Japan)
- Erik J. Berg (Uppsala University, Sweden)
- Matteo Bianchini (Bayreuth university, Germany)
- François Ozanam (Polytech, France)
- Vanessa Peterson (Ansto, Australia)
- Tobias Schulli (ESRF, France)
- Emmanuelle Suard (ILL, France)


  • 20
    Published on 09/07/2022
    Mme ROSELYNE JEANNE-BROU will present her thesis "Ionic transport properties in anisotropic and isotropic solid polymer electrolytes"
  • 10
    Published on 12/04/2022
    M Youcef KARAR will present his thesis "Electrodeposition of bismuth-manganese thin films in Deep Eutectic Solvents for the development of the LTP-BiMn magnetic phase".
  • 03
    Published on 23/02/2022
    Mlle Camille Angelini will present her thesis "Whitening of aluminum by anodization in Ematal bath : Study of the involved mechanisms"

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