LEPMI - Rubrique EIP Physicochimie 2022

Interfaces evolution

The study of corrosion of applied systems (e. g. nanostructured alloys, high entropy, etc.) or battery/electrolyzer components is a major focus of our research, particularly in collaboration with our industrial partners.

Following the acquisition of a magnetic induction furnace, we are developing an experimental device to prepare single crystal surfaces of non-noble metals (Cu, Ni, Fe, Cr...) and to study, according to the metals and environments considered, the influence of crystallographic orientation on the mechanism and kinetics of corrosion and passivation.

For electrochemical deposits, our covers a wide field ranging from monitoring the growth of atomic layers on single crystals by in situ time-resolved surface X-ray diffraction, to the deposition of bi-metallic magnetic nano-structures in an aprotic environment, to bulk deposition for recycling.

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