LEPMI - Rubrique EIP Physicochimie 2022

New solvents for metal separation

During the last five years we have developed innovative metal separation processes, by deeply modifying the chemical composition of previous aqueous biphasic systems (ABS). In order to deepen our fundamental understanding of these systems with still poorly controlled behaviours, we have initiated a collaboration with the Liphy laboratory (Grenoble) specialized in optical methods (static and dynamic light scattering, transient networks, etc.) to study the mechanisms of phase separation and material transfer (ions) through the interface of these ABS. We are also continuing the very fruitful collaboration with the Portuguese laboratory CICECO. We are seeking other innovative systems for the separation of metals, such as deep eutectic solvents, and are implementing these systems through various industrial collaborations, in line with existing contracts (Aperam, Atechsys).