LEPMI - Rubrique EIP Physicochimie 2022

EIP group seminar


01/02/2024: François Guillet, Material selection for cheap water electrolysis.

08/02/2024: Arthur Bukowski, Iron contamination and electrodeposition on nickel cathodes in alkaline electrolysers.

22/02/2024: Aleksandr Samarin, Phosphate-based electrode materials for reversible storage of sodium ions.

07/03/2024: Erwan Tardy, Modeling Oxygen Reduction Reaction kinetics in a Gas Diffusion Electrode.

14/03/2024: Axelle Baudy, Post Mortem Characterization of HT-PEMFC MEA.

21/03/2024: Garance Cossard, Oxygen evolution reaction in alkaline media using Co-spinels and stainless steel based electrodes.


05/01/2023: Quentin Labarde, State-of-the-art capped catalysts for ORR in acidic media.

20/01/2023: Dr. Quentin Meyer (Univ. of South Wales, Australia), Performances and Stability of Fe-N-C Catalysts in Low Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells.

23/02/2023: François Guillet, Development of a recycling process for catalysts and membranes used in PEMFC systems.

02/03/2023: Kyle Olson, Hydrogen insertion into palladium (review).

09/03/2023: Clément Atlan, Imaging the breathing of a single nanocrystal under electrochemical control.

23/03/2023: Yahya Lahrour, Lifecycle Assessment of electric architecture of batteries.

30/03/2023: Delphine Clauss, Iridium nanoarchitecturing for the Oxygen Evolution Reaction.

01/06/2023: Eric Sibert, Synchrotron Radiation Facilities.

15/06/2023: Ricardo Sgarbi, Improved Activity & Durability of Protected Nanoparticles in AEMFC System.

22/06/2023: Aimy Bazylak (University of Toronto), Transport phenomena in fuel cells and electrolyzers: resolving at the pore scale through imaging and modelling.

20/07/2023: Mathieu Tempelaere, Architectured Electrodes for Proton-Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells.


05/05/2022: Youcef Karar, Électrodéposition de couches minces bismuth-manganèse en milieux Deep Eutectic Solvents pour l’élaboration de la phase magnétique LTP-BiMn.

23/06/2022: Galina Tsirlina (invited Professor), Volcano plots for hydrogen evolution reaction (strains, limited reliability).

27/06/2022: Jasna Jankovic (University of Connecticut), Solving Challenges for Clean Energy Adoption – From a Nano-scale World to Macro-scale Applications.

21/07/2022: Galina Tsirlina (invited Professor), Manganese oxides for oxygen and peroxide reactions.

28/08/2022: Marius Jenny, Dépôts et UPD de nickel sur Pt(111).

01/09/2022: Grégory Jerkiewicz (Queen’s University Kingston, Canada), Surface and Materials Science, and Electrochemical Analysis of Nickel Materials.

18/10/2022: Angus Pedersen (Imperial College London), Active site utilisation and in-situ Fe dissolution of O2 reduction FeNC catalysts.

27/10/2022: Keyla Teixeira, Spontaneous Aerobic Ageing of Fe-N-C Materials and Consequences on Oxygen Reduction Reaction Kinetics.

10/11/2022: Arthur Bukowski, NiFe electrodeposits for HER.

01/12/2022: Camile Roiron, Life of PtNi/C catalysts, from synthesis to PEMFC characterization.

08/12/2022: Pr. Fabio Lima (Universidade de São Paolo, Sao Carlos, Brazil), Fundamental and applied aspects for the development of carbon dioxide electrolyzers.

13/12/2022, Dr. Frédéric Jaouen (ICGM, Montpellier), (Electro)catalysis with Metal ions atomically dispersed in nitrogen-doped carbon.


11/02/2021: Tom Bauer, Life Cycle Analysis of Chemical Recycling Processes.

25/02/2021: Lenka Svecova, Approches innovantes pour la récupération des métaux contenus dans les batteries lithium-ion : Focus sur la séparation sélective de Co / Ni / Mn.

04/03/2021 : Kavita Kumar, Degradation Mechanisms of Fe-N-C Catalysts for the ORR in acid.

11/03/2021 : Ricardo Sgarbi De Moraes, Metal-N-C catalysts - ORR in alkaline media.

18/03/2021 : Huong Doan, Bifunctional catalysts for HOR in membraneless AFC.

25/03/2021 : Arnaud Viloa, Shape-controlled nanoparticles synthesis - The example of copper.

01/04/202 : Frédéric Maillard, OER Activity and Stability Benchmarks for Supported and Unsupported IrOx Electrocatalysts.

08/04/2021 : Raphaël Riasse, RMEA Testing protocols & EIS study.

29/04/2021 : Guillaume Braesch, High-Performance Direct Borohydride Fuel Cells using Non-PGM electrocatalysts.

27/05/2021 : Youcef Karar, Manganese Nucleation/Growth in chloride-rich Deep Eutectic Solvent.

10/06/2021 : João H. F. Conceição, SepAration and Valorization of materials coming from the end-of-life of printed on paper Electronic devices.

17/06/2021 : Weverson Capute Batalha, New Fe‐based amorphous alloys for use as coatings for the oil and gas industry.

22/07/2021 : Lorianne Ginot, Caracterization and Recyclability of Conductive Inks for Printing Electronics Paper.

07/10/2021 : Ricardo Sgarb, Durability Enhancement of Pd Catalysts in Alkaline Media - an Application on Hydrogen Oxidation Reaction (HOR).

28/10/2021 : Gennadi Finkelshtain (GenCell), Liquid electrolyte alkaline fuel cells

04/11/2021 : Théo Faverge, Understanding the mechanism of glucose electrolysis on noble metals - a DEMS study.

18/11/2021 : Quentin Labarde, Activity and durability study of Pt-based catalyst for ORR in acidic media.

30/11/2021 : Nicolas Schaeffer (Université d'Aveiro, Portugal), Utilisation de nouveaux systèmes d'extraction de métaux (développement + compréhension) pour des applications dans le recyclage.

02/12/2021 : François Guillet, Organic Redox Flow Batteries.

09/12/2021 : Vivien Gatard, Alkaline water electrolysis under alternating magnetic field.

16/12/2021 : Arthur Bukowski, Raney nickel electrodes for alkaline water electrolysis.


22/01/2020: Guillaume Braesch, High DBFC performances obtained with Ni based anode and Bipolar ion exchange interface.

31/01/2020: Éric Sibert, Surface X-ray diffraction on Ir(111).

06/02/2020: Raphaël Chattot, Lost in Chaos: On the Active Site Density and Turn Over Frequency in 'Real Life' ORR Fuel Cell Electrocatalysts.


10/01/2019: Florence Betmont, environmental record of the new recycling process of NiMH batteries.

31/01/2019: Kavita Kumar, Towards Improved Catalytic Activity and Stability of Non-Precious Metal Catalysts for Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells.

07/02/2019: Clémence Lafforgue, Shedding light on the degradation mechanism of PGM based carbon-supported electrocatalysts in alkaline media: an in situ Fourier-transform infrared study.

18/02/2019: Tristan Asset (U. California, Irvine), Transition Metal – Nitrogen – Carbon Catalysts for CO2 Reduction & Valorization.

07/03/2019: Marion Scohy, Oxygen Evolution Reaction Investigation on Model Catalysts in Acidic Medium: comparison between Ir(111), Ir(210) and nanostructured Ir(210).

16/05/2019: Eddy Coron, Lithium-ion batteries diagnosis toward second-use prognosis.

06/06/2019: Vivien Gatard, Non-Pt-group-metal magnetically-responsive electrocatalysts for alternating magnetic field-enhanced alkaline water electrolysis.

15/07/2019: Sedik Illoul, Recyclage des nanoparticules de Pt et de Pt/Co pour l’application PEMFC.

18/07/2019: Antoine Bonnefont, Hydrogen electrode reactions on mono and bimetallic Ni electrodes in alkaline media.

22/07/2019: Patricia Folio, Récupération de métaux issus de bain de décapage industriel.

05/09/2019: Marie Minola, Electrochemical characterizations of cover and uncover steel in seawater environment (Firsts characterizations and interpretations: anodic and cathodic polarization during 24h following by EIS ).

26/09/2019: Marc Hébrant (LCPME, Université de Lorraine/CNRS), Molecularly imprinted nanoparticles to improve analytical processes.

27/09/2019: Grégoire Herzog (LCPME, Université de Lorraine/CNRS), Electrochemically modulated liquid-liquid extraction for sample enrichment.

09/10/2019: Quentin Meyer (University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia), Advanced diagnostics of PEMFCs.

21/11/2019: Kiranpal Singh, Metal-Phosphide based electrocatalyst for ORR in Acid Media.

03/12/2019: Dr. Viktoriia A. Saveleva (Paul Scherrer Institut, Villigen, Suisse), Fe-based non-noble metal oxygen reduction catalysts: from synthesis to fuel cell application.

17/12/2019: Pr. Edson Ticianelli (Universidade de São Paolo, Sao Carlos, Brazil), Fuel cells and electrolyzers.

17/12/2019: Pr. Fabio Lima (Universidade de São Paolo, Sao Carlos, Brazil), Electrocatalysts for CO2 reduction: Selectivity and stability for the production of formic acid, syngas, and hydrocarbons.


02/03/2018: Clotilde Gaillard (Institut de Physique nucléaire de Lyon), Les liquides ioniques pour l’extraction liquide liquide de lanthanides et actinides.

08/03/2018: Clémence Lafforgue, borohydride electrooxidation.

15/03/2018: Kavita Kumar, Preparation and electrochemical properties of cobaltite nanospinels on graphene as earth-abundant oxygen bifunctional catalyst.

06/04/2018: Guillaume Braesch, Rotating Ring Disk Electrode as a sensor of intermediate species for the Borohydride Oxidation Reaction (BOR).

19/04/2018: Fabien Claudel, Deconvoluting morphology, oxide composition and support material interactions: towards a better understanding of the activity and stability of iridium based nanocatalysts in OER conditions.

26/04/2018: Marion Scohy, Oxygen Evolution Reaction Investigation on Ir(111) Using Dynamic Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy in Acidic Medium.

03/05/2018: Clémence Lafforgue, Instability and degradation mechanism of platinum-group metal based-carbon supported electrocatalysts in alkaline media.

17/05/2018: Maha Rhandi, PEM at high current density for Electrochemical Hydrogen Compressor.

07/06/2018: François Guillet, Nouveau système d’électrosynthèse microbienne pour une électrolyse de l’eau à bas potentiel : l’électrolyse découplée.

11/10/2018: Maria Forsyth (Institute for Frontier Materials, University of Deakin), Ionic liquid electrolytes and their composites for next generation batteries.

17/10/2018: Daniela Ion-Ebrasu (National R&D Institute for Cryogenics and Isotopic Technologies), Hydrogen Based Energy Systems Development at ICSI Ramnicu Valcea.

18/10/2018: Guillaume Braesch, Comparison of noble and promising non-noble materials as electrocatalyst for the Borohydride Oxidation Reaction.

25/10/2018: Éric Sibert, Tuning borohydride electro-oxidation using Pd layers on Pt(111).

08/11/2018: Sofyane Abbou, Local transient phenomena in PEM fuel cell with dead-ended anode.

22/11/2018: Vivien Gatard, Water electrolysis enhanced by alternative magnetic field.

06/12/2018 : Marine Tregaro, Anode Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Purification/Compression

14/12/2018 : Nathalie Job (Université de Liège), Composite electrodes from nanostructured carbons.

20/12/2018 : Isabelle Billard, Is pink really pink ? Multivariate analysis for the study of spectroscopic data.

21/12/2018 : Fabio Lima (Instituto de Quimica de São Carlos – Universidad de São Paulo IQSC/USP), Earth-abundant metal electrocatalysts for fuel-cells and electrolyzers.


17/02/2017: Jonathan Schillings, Two-phase flow characterization by means of Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy.

17/02/2017: Farid Aubras, Low pressure PEMWE : Two-phase flow regimes vs electrochemical performances.

15/03/2017: Tom Vander Hoogerstraete (KU Leuven), Electrodeposition from Liquid Metal Salts.

23/03/2017: Juan Anaya, Bio-electrochemical Systems for metal recovery from aqueous solutions.

23/05/2017: Vincent Caldeira, Internal Morphological Evolution of Negative Electrodes Materials in Secondary Alkaline Zn/Ni Batteries.

15/06/2017: Éric Sibert, Suivi d’un dépôt électrochimique simultanément par diffraction X de surface in situ et par chrono-ampérométrie.

06/07/2017: Elena Baranova (Université d’Ottawa), Connecting metal-support interaction and electrochemical promotion phenomena for metal and metal oxide nano-catalysts.

18/07/2017: Guillaume Braesch, Electrocatalyseurs pour anode de DBFC.

21/07/2017: Helmut Schäfer (University of Osnabrueck), The new look of Chemistry: Fascinating Engineering Materials.

07/09/2017: Naïma Mansouri, Élaboration et caractérisation de nanofils magnétiques FeNi, FeCo et FeCoV.

25/09/2017: Pr. Aliaksandr Bandarenka (Technische Universität München): Where are the most active electrocatalytic centers?

25/09/2017: Cédric Gommes (Université de Liège), Small-Angle Scattering in Porous Materials: an overview highlighting data-analysis challenges.

06/12/2017: Fouad Maroun (Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée, Paris - CNRS), Elementary processes at model electrodes at the electrochemical interface: scanning tunnelling microscopy, X ray diffraction and magnetic measurements.

15/12/2017: Peter Hesemann (Institut Charles Gerhardt, Montpellier), Ionosilicas: ‘Designer Materials’ obtained from Silylated Ionic Liquid Precursors.


11/01/2016: Raphaël Chattot, Positive use of the Kirkendall effect to improve performance and durability of platium based electrocatalysts for PEmFC application.

15/01/2016: Céline Bonnaud, Recycling of Rare Earth Elements from permanent magnets.

28/01/2016: Rémi Blanchard, Homogeneous catalysis and nanostructured protection for Li air batteries cathode.

08/02/2016: Marian Chatenet, Heterogeneities of aging upon PEMFC operation –linking the local MEA materials degradation to the cell performance.

07/03/2016: Fanny Hilario, Synthesis, Characterization and Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) analysis of TiO2 nanotubes for biomedical applications.

23/03/2016: Pascale Husson (Université de Clermont-Ferrand), Des liquides ioniques aux solvants eutectiques : Physico-chimie de solvants prometteurs.

25/03/2016: Takashi Teranishi (Assistant Professor at Okayama University), Development of lithium ion batteries with ultrahigh rate capability : Effect on dielectric polarization of ferroelectric nanoparticles incorporated to optimize Li ion mobility.

29/03/2016: Laetitia Dubau, Defects do Catalysis: CO Monolayer Oxidation and Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Hollow PtNi/C Nanoparticles.

09/05/2016: Gwenn Cognard, Pt Nanoparticles Supported on Porous Antimony-Doped Tin Dioxide Aerogel As Cathode Material for PEMFC: Electrocatalytic Activity and Degradation Mechanism.

24/05/2016: Estelle Lebègue, Electrochemical Detection of Single Phospholipid Vesicle Collisions at a Pt Ultramicroelectrode.

06/06/2016: Eric Sibert, Electrochemical oxidation reaction of the borohydride anion in palladium layers on Pt(111).

27/06/2016: Lokesh Krishnakumar, UHV preparation of Au (111) surfaces for Pd electrochemical deposition.

11/07/2016: Vincent Caldeira, Using Calcium Zincate as anode material for alkaline Ni-Zn batteries : physico-chemical and electrochemical degradation mechanism.