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Thesis 2021

image thèse eris Novel industrial applications for the separation and recovery of metals through the use of aqueous biphasic systems
[Dir. I. Billard, I. Guillotte, L. Svecova]
Defense 28 May 2021

image thèse lucile Lithium metal negative electrode: metallurgical and electrochemical aspects
Mme Lucile Magnier
[Dir.  E. Maire, R. Bouchet, D. Devaux]
Defense 28 April 2021

Thèse Misgina Development of Anion Exchange Membranes for Aqueous Organic Redox and Zinc Slurry-Air Flow Batteries
M. Misgina Tilahun TSEHAYE
[Dir. Fannie Alloin, Cristina Iojoiu]
Defense  12 April 2021

thèse corentin Influence of microstructural parameters on the corrosion properties of a hyperdeformed bioresorbable magnesium alloy
M. Corentin VELARD
[Dir. Jean Jacques Blandin, Aude Simar, Virginie Roche, Emilie Ferrié]
Defense 18 March 2021

Scaling up methodology for Li-ion battery modelling
Mlle Oumaima CHAOUACHI
[Dir. Yann BULTEL, Marion CHANDESRIS, Jean-Michel RETY]
Defense 12 March 2021

Julien Hell thèse Study of the phenomenon of bubbling of glass in contact with refractory ceramics inside glass furnaces
M Julien HELL
[Dir. Marlu-César Steil, Isabelle Cabodi]
Defense  11 March 2021

Optimization of the transports in a PEMFC catalyst layer using a modelling/characterization coupled approach : improvement of the catalyst layer performances at high current density
M. Miguel Barreiros SALVADO
[Dir. Yann BULTEL, Pascal SCHOTT, Sebastien ROSINI, Mathias GERARD, Laure GUETAZ]
Defense 25 february 2021

Health diagnosis of Li-ion batteries used in electric vehicles and intended for stationary applications in second life
[Dir. Pierre-Xavier Thivel, Sylvie Geniès, Mikaël Cugnet]
Defense 18 February 2021

Modelling of PEM electrochemical processes for the development of the hydrogen vector
[Dir Jonathan Deseure, Florence Druart]
Defense 22 January 2021

Modelling and monitoring of Li-ion battery ageing by coupling with Dual-tank model
M. Joël-Louis KONE
[Dir Yann Bultel, Maxime Montaru]
Defense 8 January 2021

Date of update June 26, 2021

Université Grenoble Alpes