LEPMI - Rubrique Valorisation

Scientific projects

LEPMI coordinates and is involved in numerous collaborative projects, whether national, international or with its industrial partners.

Self-assembled/healable Hybrid inorganic/Organic Polymer Electrolytes for sustainable energy Storage (HOPES)

  • Coordinated by LEPMI, PI Patrice Rannou
  • Partners: SyMMES, Specific Polymers
  • Project Type: Projet H2020-MSCA (ID#: 101026846)
  • HOPES aims at developing new generations of all-solid batteries based on hierarchically self-organized hybrid (inorganic/organic) electrolytes; endowed self-healing of defects for allowing the advent of an efficient and sustainable electrochemical energy storage.

Solid-state lithium metal battery with hybrid Electrolyte (SEATBELT)

  • Coordinated by LEPMI, PI  Didier Devaux
  • Partners: MEET: Münster Electrochemical Energy Technology. ZSW: Zentrum für Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung, Baden-Württemberg. ICL: Imperial College London. CRM Group. CIC Energigune. Polykey. POLYMAT. LCE (Life Cycle Engineering). CEA Grenoble. ILL: Institut Laue-Langevin. Laboratoire 3SR. Blue Solutions
  • Project Type: Europeen Project SEATBELT
  • SEATBELT aims at developing a new Li metal battery chemistry with a solid electrolyte.