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Platform Raman
Platform Raman
Platform Raman

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Platform RAMAN

The Raman spectroscopy and imaging platform is associated with the Consortium des Moyens Techniques Communs (CMTC). It brings together the characterisation resources of LEPMI and CMTC and is open to all partners in Grenoble and beyond.
It currently has several spectrometers covering spectral ranges from the near IR (785 nm) to the UV (229 nm).

- T64000 Jobin-Yvon visible (514, 488 and 647 nm) and UV (363, 244 and 229 nm) (CMTC management)
- InVia RM 1000 Renishaw (514 nm)
- InVia Renishaw (514, 785 nm)

Different cells allow to perform in situ Raman measurements, in temperature and under controlled atmosphere, as well as measurements coupled with electrochemical measurements.

- Marina cell (designed by N. Rosman): from 25 to 800°C
- Babette cell (designed by N. Rosman): from 25 to 800°C, coupled with electrochemistry
- Bernadette cell (Linkam): -196 to 600°C
- Emeline cell: 25 to 1000°C

Date of update June 20, 2021

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