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Personnels du laboratoire
Personnels du laboratoire
Personnels du laboratoire

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M. MAGNIN Jean-Pierre

CNRS Researcher from 1st October 1989


Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physico-chemistry of Materials and Interfaces 1130 rue de la piscine, BP 75 38402 St Martin d'Hères, France

  • Fax : 0476826777

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My? ?actual? ?research field is situated in the? ?bioelectrochemical engineering and more particularly in the biological production of hydrogen,? ?an energetic vector used as principal combustible in fuel cell.
The studied bio-processes produce hydrogen by process from organic? acids ?found either in industrial effluents or issued from a previous dark biofermentation process or by chemical transformation of biomasses??.?
The studied biological organism? ?principally? ?concerns the non pathogenous anaerobic photosynthetic bacterium,? ?Rhodobacter capsulatus? ?in reason of various advantages? ?(light spectra use of 68.5%?) ?degradation of? ?great range of carbonated substrates? (?lactate,? ?acetate,? ?.....?)?,? ?one of the greater productivity? (?130? ?ml H2/h/g bacterial dry weight in batch culture and? ?320? ?ml H2/h/g bacterial dry weight in? ?continuous culture?)?.
Under photosynthetic conditions,? ?the produced hydrogen purity reached? ?85-95%,? ?with a substrate conversion of? ?50-95%.? ?The hydrogen can be directly converted,? ?without a purification step,? ?in electricity inside a fuel cell? (?PEMFC or SOFC? ?noted B see above)?.

Different carbon substrates can be used by? ?Rhodobacter capsulatus:? ?cheese industry waste,? ?potato industry,? ?cane sugar industry,? ?....? ?and all type of industry which products carbonated waste rich either in lactate,? ?acetate,? ?....compounds.
The methodology of DOE? (?design of experiments?) ?is regularly and successfully applied? ?in the laboratory using? ?the? ?two photosynthetic? ?lab-made chambers? (?45? ?experiments? ?tested? ?in parallel?) ?or during international collaborations? (?ethylen bioproduction,? ?H2 bioproduction from whey ....)?.

Activités / CV

* Ph.D. degree, Cellular and Molecular Biology, 24 November 1987, University Grenoble 1, France.
* Post Doc  CREMGP (Research Center in Mineral Electrochemistry and Chemical Enginnering), Grenoble Institut of Technology, France 10/01/1987-10/01/1989.
* National University of Columbia (UNAL Bogota) 10/2009-02/2012.

* Hydrogen production by photosynthetic bacteria (Rhodobacter capsulatus, Rhodobacter sphaeroides, R. rubrum, R. palustris)
* Design of Experiment (DOE) methodology
* Bioelectrochemistry:

 * indirect biofuel cell: coupling hydrogen photoproduction and fuel cell (PEMFC, SOFC).
*  biosensors (CrVI, S2O32-, Fe2+) with an amperometric sensor based on A. ferrooxidans.
        * bioelectrochemical process for the culture of A. ferrooxidans.Degradation of biomasses by ultrasonic / nanoparticles processes
* Biodegradation of HAP (phenantrene) by Mycobacterium.
* Metallic biosorption on microbial biomass type Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans.

?* Isabelle Billard and Nicolas Papaiconomou, LEPMI, Grenoble, France
* ?John C.? ?Willison? (?Biochimistry,? ?Genetics?)? :? ?iRSTV-LBCM? ?/? ?CEA Grenoble,? ?France
?* ?Yannick Combet-Blanc,? ?Richard Auria? (?Hyperthermophilic bioprocess?)?,? ?Institut Méditerranéen d'Océanographie? (?UMR_D? ?235? ?MIO?)?,? ?IRD Marseille
?* ?Christian Pétrier,? ?Nicoals Gondrexon? ?(ultrasounds?) ?Laboratoire de Rhéologie et Procédés,? ?LRP,? ?Université de Grenoble Alpes
?* ?Carlos Alberto Guerrero Fajardo? (?Energetic bioconversion of biomasses?)?,? ?Chemisrty Department,? ?Bogota University? (?UNAL Colombie?)?.

PhD and Masters Responsable (1993-2016)
8 PhD, 10 Masters

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