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Personnels du laboratoire
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M. RANNOU Patrice

CNRS Director of Research (DR-CNRS), Section 11: "Soft Matter: Synthesis, Development, Assemblies, Structure, Properties, Functions", CNRS Chemistry (CNRS' National Institute of Chemistry)


UMR5279-LEPMI (CNRS/Grenoble-INP/UGA/USMB), Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physicochemistry of Materials & Interfaces, MIEL Team (Materials, Interfaces, and ELectrochemistry), Room RB4, 1130, Rue de la Piscine, BP 75, F-38402 SAINT-MARTIN-d'HERES Cedex (FRANCE). Email 1: Email 2: Email 3:

  • Tél. : +33-4-76826685/+33-6-60102962
  • Fax : +33-4-76826670

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Research Overview
In a nutshell: Multi-scale/physics structure/property (electronic/ionic/protonic transfers) correlations within self-assembled & hierarchized synthetic & bio-sourced/mimetic/inspired functional (liquid crystalline) materials addressing UN SDG N°7
Through the rational design, circular chemistry, controlled synthesis & advanced processing of functional (synthetic & bio-based/sourced/inspired (e.g. DNA, Peptide, Protein)) soft materials (block molecules, homo/block co-polymers, dendrons/dendrimers) aiming at encoding complex & efficient functions through hierarchical self-assembly processes across many length scales (nano⇒meso⇒micro⇒macro-scales), the main aim of my research activities over the past 2.5 decades has been dedicated to eradicating all sources of (chemical, structural & energetic) disorder to boost the efficiencies of electronic, ionic & protonic transfers at work within active layers of (opto)electronic actives devices (IT/Organic (Bio)Electronics: FETs & solar cells/OECTs), of proton exchange membranes of Fuel Cells (Energy Conversion), of thermoelectric generators & coolers (Energy Harvesting), and of (liquid crystalline/polymer/”hybrid” inorganic/organic) solid-state electrolytes of batteries & supercaps (Energy Storage). These (bio)material science approaches are combined with the technical developments of multimodal (at the LEPMI lab & ESRF large scale facility) platforms for performing in depth (ex/in situ & operando) studies with the goal of accessing the intrinsic (defect-free) & ultimate electronic, ionic & protonic transfer performances of functional soft materials towards next generation applications within the fields of IT (Nano(Bio)electronics) & Energy conversion, harvesting (Hydrovolatic energy), and storage (Nano-ionics/fluidics).

Research Areas
-Circular Chemistry towards Functional Multi-Block (Supra/Macro)Molecules
-Self-Organized (Bio-inspired/sourced) π-Conjugated (Semi)Conducting & Ionically Conducting Materials
-Organic/(Supra)Molecular (Opto)Electronics & Iontronics

Research Interests & Keywords
-Organic & (Supra/Macro)Molecular Chemistry: (Supra/Macro)Molecular Engineering Approaches & Synthetic Routes towards Oligo/Poly-mers, Alternated Copolymers, Block Molecules/Copolymers & Dendritic Functional Architectures
-1D vs. 2D vs. 3D Self-Assembly of Functional Materials: Controlled Phase Separation (Self-organization & Hierarchization) in (Multiblock) Functional Architectures based on Covalent & Non-Covalent (Ionic, H-Bonding, Van der walls …) Interactions
π-Conjugated Materials: Organic SemiConductors (thiophene-based OSCs) & Organic Conductors (aniline-based OCs)
-Organic Single Crystals & Functional Liquid Crystals (LCs): Molecular OSCs, Calamitic/Sanidic & Polycatenar LC OSCs
-Bioinspired, Biobased & Biosourced OSCs: DNA-OSC Hybrids, Self-Assembled Oligo(Peptide)s (Quantum Dots (QDs) & Nanotubes (NTs)), and Proteins (Amyloid Fibers))
-Ion & Single-Ion Conducting Materials: Homo/Block Co-polymers, Mono-End-Capped Polymers, Dynamic Polymer Networks & Thermotropic Ionic Liquid Crystals (TILCs)
-Ionic/Protonic/Electronic Transport & Optoelectronic Properties: dc-Conductivity, Charge Carrier Mobility (SCLC/OFET), Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS), Electronic/Energy/Ionic Transfers
-Optoelectronic & Iontronic Devices: Organic Field-Effect Transistors (OFETs), Organic Solar Cells, Organic ElectroChemical Transistors (OECTs), (Micro)Batteries, Supercapacitors

PhD Openings
*Self-healing electrolytes for an efficient and sustainable solid-sate energy storage: Microbatteries 2.0 (FIRESTONE)
Position filled as of June 7, 2022!  

Personal Selection of 34 Publications (P1-34) over the 2002-2024 Period (full list on request ) of over 137 papers (80 regular articles & 57 proceeding papers), 2 book chapters (Electronic & Optical Properties of Conjugated Molecular Systems in Condensed Phase, 2003 & Handbook of Liquid Crystals, 2014), and 17 patents: 

Selection of Granted (Inter)National Collaborative Research Projects Since 2015: Co-PI & PI Roles 
-Horizon Europe Project SOLiD "Sustainable manufacturing & Optimized materials & interfaces for Lithium metal batteries with Digital quality control"
-H2020-MSCA Project HOPES/(FET-Flagship) Battery2030+:"self-assembled/healable Hybrid inorganic/Organic Polymer Electrolytes for sustainable electrochemical energy Storage"
-ANR-MASTERMIND: "MultiscAle STructure/propERty relationship in MIxed (ionic/electronic) (macro)molecular coNDuctors: Towards new generation organicbioelectronic devices" ANR Grant # ANR-20-CE06-0022
-(FET-Flagship) Battery2030+/H2020 Project HIDDEN: "HIndering DENdrite growth in lithium metal batteries"
-FACCTS 2020-ILLINOIS: "Thermotropic Ionic Liquid crystaL: Encoding dImensionality-controlled & NanocOnfined Ionic tranSport"
-PHC STAR2019-PIONEER: "Korea-France collaborative research cluster for Post-Lithium ION solid-state Electrochemical EneRgy storage systems" ID # 43568NC
-ANR-BioNics: "Self-Assembling Proteins for Bio-Inspired Nano-Electronics" ANR Grant # ANR-17-CE09-0013
-ANR-GATE: "Generic approach to new organic semiconductors for electronic applications" ANR Grant # ANR-16-CE07-0024
-Fondation Nanosciences/Labex LANEF-DiSABloC: "Directed Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers: Towards Smart Functional Surfaces for Nanoelectronics, Energy, and Biology" Fondation Nanosciences & Labex-LANEF through ANR Grant #ANR-10-LABX-51-01
-ANR/NSF-PIRE/REACT: "Research and Education in Active Coatings Technologies for the Human Habitat" NSF PIRE-OISE Grant #1545884. ANR-PIRE Grant #ANR-15-PIRE-0001

(Gratefully Acknowledged) National Funding & Support (NFS) and International Funding & Support (IFS): 

(Greatly Appreciated & Enjoyed) Past/Present Local, National & International Collaborations with the groups of:

Activités / CV

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Short Biosketch
Dr. Patrice Rannou (ORCID: 0000-0001-9376-7136) graduated from the Textile & Chemical Institute of Lyon (1993/M.Sc. in Polymer Chemistry), the University Montpellier II (1994/M.Sc. in Polymer Physics), and E.N.S. de Chimie de Montpellier (1994/M.Sc. in Polymer Science). He holds a PhD in Physics from the University J. Fourier (1998) and a research habilitation (HDR) in Chemistry (2013) from the University of Grenoble. After 16 months spent as a visiting researcher at the R&D New Materials Center of Hitachi Chemical Co. Ltd (HCC) in Hitachi-city, Japan, he was hired in Oct. 1999 as a CNRS researcher in UMR5819-SyMMES (Molecular Systems & nanoMaterialS for Energy & health) lab where he served till Sept. 30, 2021. Since Oct. 2021, he is a CNRS member of the MIEL Team (Materials, Interfaces and ELectrochemistry) of UMR5279-LEPMI (Laboratory of Electrochemistry and Physicochemistry of Materials & Interfaces) lab. He holds a CNRS Director of Research position within the Section 11 (Soft matter: synthesis, development, assemblies, structure, properties, functions) of CNRS Chemistry (CNRS’s National Institute of Chemistry) since Oct. 2015. Till date (i.e. March 2024), he has (co)advised 17 postdoctoral fellows, (co)supervised 13 PhD students & >35 (under)graduate students. He is the (co)authors of 137 papers (80 regular articles & 57 proceeding papers), 2 book chapters, and 17 (FR/EP/JP/US/CN/KR/WO) patents.

Mini-CV (3 page-long): 

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Professional Preparation
-2013: Habilitation (HDR: "Habilitation à Diriger les Recherches") in Chemistry (University of Grenoble I-UG)
-1998: Ph.D. in Physics (University Joseph FOURIER/Grenoble I-UJF)
-1994: M.Sc. in Polymer Physics (University of Montpellier II-UMII)
-1994: M.Sc. in Polymer Science (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier-ENSCM)
-1993: M.Sc. in Polymer Chemistry and Blends (Textile & Chemical Institute-ITECH)

-Since 09/22: 
Deputy-Head/Steering Committee member of the LEPMI/Blue Solutions Lithium & Interface (Li2) Lab. on Energy Storage
-Since 10/21: Dir. de Recherche 2ème Classe CNRS
CNRS/Institute of Chemistry (INC) Section 11: "Soft Matter: Synthesis, Development, Assemblies, Structure, Properties, Functions"
-04/15 till 09/21: Dir. de Recherche 2ème Classe CNRS
CNRS/Institute of Chemistry (INC) Section 11: "Supra/Macro-Molecular Systems & Materials: Elaboration, Properties, & Functions"
UMR5819-SyMMES (CNRS/CEA/Grenoble-INP/Univ. Grenoble Alpes)
-09/17 till 01/18: Director of the Observatory for Micro and NanoTechnologies (UMS2920-OMNT [CEA/CNRS])
-09/13 till 09/17: Deputy-Head of the Observatory for Micro and NanoTechnologies (UMS2920-OMNT [CEA/CNRS])
-10/02 till 04/15: Chargé de Recherche 1ère Classe CNRS
CNRS/Institute of Chemistry (INC) Section 11: "Supra/Macro-Molecular Systems & Materials: Elaboration, Properties, & Functions"
UMR5819-SyMMES (CNRS/CEA//Univ. Grenoble Alpes)
-10/99 till 10/02: Chargé de Recherche 2ème Classe CNRS
CNRS/Institute of Chemistry (INC) Section 11: "Supra/Macro-Molecular Systems & Materials: Elaboration, Properties, & Functions"
UMR5819-SPrAM (CNRS/CEA/Univ. Grenoble Alpes)
-06/98-09/99: Visiting Researcher, New Materials Laboratory R&D Center, Hitachi Chemical. Co. Ltd, Hitachi, Japan
Synergistic Activities
-2018-To Date: Co-organizer of the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th edition of the GrEnoble eNerGy ConversIoN & storage Winter School (ENGINE2019/2021/2023/2025) ENGINE2023: Member of ENGINE's Organizing Committee
-2015-To Date: Member of the CFCL's Scientific Committee CFCL2017:
-2015: Co-organizer of the 17th Edition of the French Workshop of Self-Organized Anisotropic Systems (CFCL2015) CFCL2015: Member of the CFCL2015's Organizing Committee
-2014: Co-organizer of the 2nd Organic Electronics Summer School (OESS2014) OESS2014: Member of the OESS's Steering Committee and Program Co-Chair (with Prof. Raphaël CLERC)
-2013-To Date: Member of the ICOE's Program Committee ICOE2021:
-2013-To Date: Co-organizer of the French-American Workshop (FAW) FAW2019: Member of the Organizing Committee of FAW. -2013: Co-organizer of the 9th International Conference on Organic Electronics (ICOE) ICOE2013: Member of the ICOE2013's Organizing Committee and Program Co-Chair (with Prof. Raphaël CLERC)
-2012-To Date: Member of the Steering Committee of the MINATEC Summer Program (MSP) and Giant International Internship Programe (GIIP) GIIP:
-2012 till 2014: Responsible of communication (CNRS-INP/INC sides) of the UMR5819-SPrAM (CNRS/CEA/UJF) Lab
-2012: Co-organizer of the 41st National Congress of the French Association of Polymers (GFP) GFP2012: Member of the GFP2012’s Organizing Committee
-2006-To Date: Co-organizer of the International Conference on Molecular Electronics (ElecMol) ElecMol21: Member of the ElecMol’s Organizing Committee. -2004 till 2017: Co-leader (With Dr. Jean-Louis FAVE) of a team of ca. 25 French leading experts of the emerging field of organic (opto)electronics and Senior Expert within the Organic Electronics division of the French Observatory of Micro & NanoTechnologies OMNT-UMS2920 (CNRS/CEA): -2001-03/2013: Elected member of the Scientific Council of the UMR5819-SPrAM (CNRS/CEA/UJF) Labortaory of Structures and Property of Molecular Architectures

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