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Personnels du laboratoire
Personnels du laboratoire
Personnels du laboratoire

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Responsable de l'Equipe MIEL DR2


1130, rue de la piscine. 38402 Saint Martin d'Hères

Site internet : http://

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Activités / CV


1995-CNRS scientist at LEPMI – DR2 in 2011, Saint Martin d’Hères, France
1994-1995 Assistant professor in Laboratoire d’Electrochimie des Solides. Besançon. Electrochemistry in liquid solutions.


· 103 publications, 10 proceedings, 5 book chapters
· 21 patents
· 10 invited conferences + 150 communications (oral and poster)

Citation report

· H-Index 32, Average citations per item 43
· 4189 citations without self-citation

SUPERVISOR of: 20 Ph.D. theses (16 defended) and 5 Post-doc positions

My research activities involve the development of innovative electrolytes and their physicochemical and electrochemical characterizations with the objective to advance in the mechanisms understanding in order to offer innovative solutions for future electrochemical generators. My research is mainly focused on lithium-ion battery technology, lithium-metal polymer, lithium-sulfur, and magnesium battery. The electrolyte can be an organic solvent, an ionic liquid or a polymer depending on the application. Their intrinsic properties (ionic conduction, solvation property, specific interactions, viscosity, thermal and mechanical properties), the electrode/electrolyte interface properties and the electrochemical mechanisms at the interfaces are the focus of my research.


· MIEL Team leader in LEPMI up to October 2014
· Chair of the Board of the scientific LEPMI 2011-2015
· Research Leader of the scientific project « Multifunctional materials for electrochemical generators » of Labex CEMAM (2011-2017)
· Member of the CNRS national comity. Section 14. 2016-2021
· Elected Member Scientific pole PEM (Physic, Engineering and Material) COMUE-UGA 2016-2020
· Member of comity HDR I-MEP2 and UGA representative in the doctoral school I-MEP2
· Scientific coordinator of LEPMI partner in 5 ANR and one ADEME projects, Coordinator of regional projects
· Member of the scientific comity of the French congress “Journées d’électrochimie” and Co-organizer of this congress in Grenoble in 2011. Member of the  scientific comity of the international congress ISPE (International Symposium on Polymer Electrolytes).
· Expect MEIRIES project Hubert Curien

Informations complémentaires

Dernières Publications

S. Hebié, F. Alloin, C. Iojoiu, R. Berthelot, J.-C. Leprêtre
Magnesium Anthracene Systems Based-Electrolyte as promoter of High Electrochemical Performance Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 6, 5527-5533, 2018

S. Hebié, H. P. K. Ngo, J.-C. Leprêtre, C. Iojoiu, L. Cointeaux, R. Berthelot, F. Alloin
Electrolyte based on easy synthesized and low price triphenolate-borohydride salt for performant Mg(TFSI)2-glyme rechargeable Magnesium Batteries.
ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 34, 28377-28385, 2017

A. Thiam, C. Antonelli, C. Iojoiu, F. Alloin, J.-Y. Sanchez
Optimizing ionic conduction through crosslink density modulation
Electrochimica Acta, 240, 307-315, 2017

G.Tonin, G. Vaughan, R. Bouchet, F.Alloin, M. Di Michiel, L. Boutafa, J.-F. Colin, C. Barchasz
Microscopic to macroscopic operando characterization study of a lithium/sulfur battery by coupled X-ray tomography and spatially-resolved diffraction.
Scientific Reports, 7, 2755, 2017

R. Guilmin, F. Alloin, F. Molton, J.-C. Leprêtre
Chemical modification of N-methylphenothiazine to lead to interesting and potential organic material for lithium battery
Electrochimica Acta, 232, 182-191, 2017

K. Bharwal, N.A. Nguyen, C. Iojoiu, C. Henrist, F. Alloin
New polysiloxane bearing imidazolium iodide side chain as electrolyte for photoelectrochemical cell
Solid State Ionics, 307, 6-13, 2017

M. Bolloli, C. Antonelli, Y. Molméret, F. Alloin, C. Iojoiu, J-Y. Sanchez
Nanocomposite PVdF / NanoCrystalline Cellulose (NCC) porous membranes as separators for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Electrochimica Acta, 214, 38-58, 2016

O. El Baradai, D. Beneventi, F. Alloin, Y. Bultel, M. Party, D. Chaussy
Up-scaling of micro-fibrillated cellulose based positive electrodes for lithium ion batteries of roll-to-roll printing process.
International Journal of Engineering and Innovative Technology, IJEIT201511_4765, 2016

S. Walus, A. Robba, R. Bouchet, C. Barchasz, F. Alloin
Influence of the binder and preparation process on the positive electrode electrochemical response and Li/S system performances
Electrochimica Acta, 210, 492-501, 2016

S. Walu?, C. Barchasz, R. Bouchet, J.-F. Martin, J.-C. Leprêtre, F. Alloin
Investigation of non-woven carbon paper as a current collector for sulfur positive electrode – Understanding of the mechanism and potential applications for Li/S batteries
Electrochimica Acta, 211, 697–703, 2016

Bolloli M., Alloin F., Kalhoff J., Bresser D., Passerini S., Judeinstein P., Leprêtre J.-C., Sanchez J.-Y.
Effect of carbonates fluorination on the properties of LiTFSI-based electrolytes for Li-ion batteries
Electrochimica Acta, 161, 159-170, 2015

Zielke L., Barchasz C., Walu? S., Spettl A., Schmidt V., Hilger A., Alloin F., Leprêtre J.-C., Manke I., Banhart J., Zengerle R., Thiele S.
Degradation of Li/S Battery Electrodes Studied Using X-ray Phase Contrast Tomography
Scientific Report, 5, 10921, 2015

S. Walu?, C. Barchasz, R. Bouchet, J.-C. Leprêtre, J.-F. Colin, J.-F. Martin, E. Elkaïm, C. Baehtz, F. Alloin
Lithium/Sulfur Batteries Upon Cycling: Structural Modifications and Species Quantification by In situ and Operando X-ray Diffraction Spectroscopy
Advanced Energy Materials, 1500165, 2015

S. Walu?, C. Barchasz, R. Bouchet, J.-F. Martin, J.-C. Leprêtre, F. Alloin
Non-woven carbon paper as current collector for Li-ion/Li2S system: Understanding of the first charge mechanism
Electrochimica Acta, 180, 178-186, 2015

M. Bolloli, J. Kalhoff, F. Alloin, D. Bresser, M.L.P. Le, B. Langlois, S. Passerini, J.-Y. Sanchez
Fluorinated Carbamates as Suitable Solvents for LiTFSI-based Lithium-Ion Electrolytes: Physico-Chemical Properties and Electrochemical Characterization
J. Phys. Chem. C, 119, 22404-22414, 2015

Dernières thèses encadrées

Thèse de A. Kumar Bharwal soutenue le 11 janvier 2018
Hierarchical porous TiO2 and ionic liquid-like polysiloxane electrolyte for solid state-Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells.

Thèse de R. Guilmin soutenue le 4 février 2016
Vers des batteries lithium organiques innovantes mettant en jeu des polymères à base de N-méthylphénothiazines modifiées

Thèse de S. Walus soutenue le 15 Janvier 2015.
Lithium/Sulfur batteries: development and understanding of working mechanisms

Thèse de Marco Bollolli. Soutenance le 11 Juillet 2014
Nouvelles membranes polymères et électrolytes liquides pour batteries Li-ion

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