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Platform Battery

The platform brings together a set of battery assembly and characterisation facilities open to all partners in Grenoble and beyond. It is dedicated to electrochemical tests with a fundamental approach to characterising materials, interfaces and cells on a laboratory scale, but also to the evaluation of commercial cells.

It currently has 140 cycling channels from 200 mA to 20 A, systematically coupled with complex impedance spectroscopy. It is also possible to monitor other parameters such as temperature or heat flow, and to perform acoustic measurements (Acoustic Emission).

In addition, we provide coating benches to make composite electrodes, glove boxes for the different technologies, depending on the electrolytes used; polymer (LMP), carbonates (Li-ion), glymes (Li-Sulfur) etc., as well as adapted assemblies (pouch cell, button cell, swagelock...), and a glove box dedicated to the dismantling of cells for post-mortem characterisations.

We also have more than 15 climatic chambers allowing us to work from -40 to 150°C.

Finally, we have also developed specific set-ups to carry out coupled XRD, SAXS and X-ray micro-tomography measurements.

Plateforme Batteries