Research teams

The LEPMI themes are developed within 3 research teams that aim to address numerous scientific and societal challenges through their research, innovation, and valorization activities.

Interfacial Electrochemistry and Processes (Team EIP)

The research conducted in the Team of Interfacial Electrochemistry and Processes aims at increasing the understanding of electrode | (organic/inorganic) electrolyte interfaces, both for practical and model systems, from physicochemical and mechanistic view-points. Its scope ranges from fundamental to applied research and is based on a broad experimental expertise, with special emphasis on physicochemical characterizations coupled to electrochemistry for in situ and/or in operando studies, as well as a multiphysics approaches using numerical modelling of the physicochemical and electrochemical processes at stake at the interface, electrode and system levels.

Head: Frédéric Maillard

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Genesis, Usage of Durable Interfaces for Energy (Team GUIDE)

The "Genesis and Use of Durable Energy Interfaces" (GUIDE) team, based in Le Bourget du Lac, comprises members affiliated with the University of Savoie Mont-Blanc. It became part of LEPMI in 2011 and focuses on three main areas:
  • Material, structure, and system genesis
  • Aging and durability
  • Model and tool development
Head: Lionel Flandin
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Material Interfaces ELectrochemistry (MIEL)

The activities of the MIEL team encompass electrochemistry and materials science, and mainly deal with electrochemical conversion and storage of energy of low (battery, PEMFC) and high (SOFC, SOEC) temperature devices. The cement of our activities and the use of electrochemical methodologies and common descriptors are focusing on the electrolyte, the electrodes and their interfaces.

Head : Cristina Iojoiu