Innovative batteries from recycled materials
An efficient and intelligent storage system.

In a global trend towards green energy development, attention is increasingly focused on efficient and intelligent systems capable of managing renewable energy and integrating them into existing power grids.
E-Mergy aims to meet the expectations of optimising energy consumption, the constraints of conventional electricity networks and the preservation of the environment. This project proposes to develop and market a storage system based on recycled components, favouring network integration and the global management of renewable energies through a community management intelligence. This electrical storage solution will therefore be innovative and attractive. It will also be economical with the use of batteries made from recycled components from electric vehicles, which will guarantee its competitiveness.
To carry out this ambitious project, a consortium of four members has been formed: SNAM (battery recycler), Savelec (company specialising in battery management systems), SIREA (specialist in industrial electricity and energy management), and finally the LEPMI laboratory (Electrochemistry and physicochemistry of materials and interfaces).
The E-Mergy project is the winner of the 25th call for FUI (Fonds Unique Interministériel) projects. The support of the European Union concerns the research work of the LEPMI laboratory.


L’Union européenne soutient, en Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, les projets collaboratifs de RDI et le développement de procédés innovants dans les domaines de spécialisation intelligente.