Magnesium Anthracene Systems Based-Electrolyte as promoter of High Electrochemical Performance Rechargeable Magnesium Batteries

Hebié S., Alloin F., Iojoiu C., Berthelot R., Leprêtre J.-C.
The development of efficient, inexpensive, and safe rechargeable batteries for large-scale environmentally benign cells is one of the key requirements to accommodate and satisfy various technological applications. To date, the development of magnesium battery as a promising candidate for next-generation battery systems has been hindered by the lack of high performance and stable electrolyte. In this work, we have developed an original, safe, and high-performance class of electrolytes based on a simple mixture of commercially available compounds, that is, Mg(TFSI)2, anthracene, MgCl2, and diglyme solvent. We have proven that anthracene induces stabilization of the reduced form of magnesium involving reversible magnesium plating/stripping with very high current density. The electrolyte investigated exhibits an unprecedented electrochemical stability window of up to 3.1 V, whereas MgCl2 addition allows the improvement of the Mg/electrolyte interface properties and enables a large cyclability of Mg/Mo6S8 Chevrel phase cell, allowing one to reach high performances.