LEPMI - Rubrique Equipe GUIDE Accueil 2022

PhD Position: Evaluation of membranes chemical degradation levels as a function of accelerated stress test. Comparison with long-term field returns


This project, in collaboration with SYMBIO company, aims at providing new information on the fuel cell systems durability light vehicles application through a better understanding of PFSA membranes degradation mechanisms. It thus proposes to work on two main axes:

  • Relating accelerated or condensed tests to real conditions from the point of view of chemical degradation and cationic contamination of the membrane
  • To set up accelerated stress tests for the validation of new materials in order to simulate the operating conditions of the membrane

Durability objectives will be measured by reliable accelerated stress test (AST) protocols, at the stack and system scale, validated on real cycles and under real operating conditions. These systems will be supplied by SYMBIO company.

The experimental part will rely heavily on the characterization techniques developed in the laboratory. Adaptations of these techniques will be necessary to analyze the new materials, which are increasingly thin in terms of thickness.

More informations on the project are available on the ADUM website

Contact: Send your CV, a cover letter and your master reports to Florence Dubelley (florence.dubelley@univ-smb.fr)

Thesis beginning: 10/01/2022
Closing date for application: 05/07/ 2022

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