EX1 Professor at Grenoble INP - UGA. Editor of Journal of Power Sources. Co-chair of the "Mobility Applications" axis of the FRH2 (Hydrogen Federation) of CNRS.
LEPMI Bureau 349 1130 rue de la piscine BP75 38402 Saint Martin D'Hères
04 76 82 65 88
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Teaching activities

  • Electrochemistry (basics; kinetics; methods; interfaces; electrocatalysis; corrosion; materials).
  • Chemistry (physical and analytical).
  • Energy conversion and storage (materials, technology, durability and selection of electrochemical generators; physical-chemistry of electrochemical generators).

Research activities

  • Interfacial electrochemistry: well-defined surfaces; double layer; in situ coupling of physical techniques with electrochemistry (FTIR and Raman spectroscopies; X-Ray absorption spectroscopy (XAS); differential electrochemical mass spectrometry (DEMS)).
  • Electrocatalysis: mechanisms and kinetics of electrooxidation of non-carbonaceous fuels, water and electroreduction of water and oxygen on carbon or oxide supported metal/alloyed nanoparticles or bulk surfaces.
  • Durability of low-temperature electrodes and catalysts; determination of aging mechanisms; link between the fuel cell performances degradation and the morphology/composition/performances of the membrane/electrode assemblies (alkaline and acidic media).

Activités / CV

Ingineer from Grenoble-INP ENSEEG (1997)
PhD in electrochemistry from Grenoble INP - UGA (2000)
Habilitation à diriger des recherches (2006)


  • 2018 : Electrocatalysis Distinguished Merit Award, Springer-Nature
  • 2015 : Recipiendary of the 2015 Asgard fellowship
  • 2014 : Electrocatalysis Annual Authorship Award for the paper: “ILTEM study of Pt/C and PtCo/C nanostructured electrocatalysts ageing: effects of morphological and compositional changes on the oxygen reduction reaction activity”, by Nikkuni et al. Electrocatalysis 4 (2013) 104-116
  • 2013-2018 : Junior member of Institut Universitaire de France (IUF)
  • 2013 : Best labwork class in electrochemistry, Société Chimique de France (SCF - ORIGALYS)
  • 2010 : "Oronzio and Niccolò De Nora Foundation Prize of ISE on Applied Electrochemistry", International Society of Electrochemistry (ISE)
  • 2009 : "Best Young Electrochemist", Société Chimique de France (SCF)

Main industrial collaborations:

  • Air Liquide
  • CEA
  • GenCell
  • Michelin
  • Safran
  • Symbio

Main Academic collaborations:

  • LEMTA, Université de Lorraine (O . Lottin, G. Maranzana)
  • Mines ParisTech (S. Berthon-Fabry, C. Beauger)
  • Université de Strasbourg (E. Savinova, T. Asset)
  • Universidad de São Paulo, São Carlos (Brazil, E.A. Ticianelli, F.H.B. Lima)
  • University of California, Irvine (USA, P. Atanassov)
  • University of Connecticut, Stoors (USA, J. Jankovic)
  • University of Padova (Italy, V. Di Noto, E. Negro)
  • Technion (Israël, D. Dekel)

Scientific production (July 2023 - h factor = 53, 9000+ citations, Scopus):

  • 190 papers in peer-reviewed journals
  • 12 book chapters
  • 22 extended abstracts
  • 244 communications in (inter)national conferences (45 invited)
  • 54 invited seminars in (foreign) industry/university
  • 9 patents