Full Professor Grenoble INP, Responsible of International Relations Department (Electrochemistry and Processes for Energy and the Environment, Phelma-EPEE)
LEPMI Phelma Campus 1130 rue de la Piscine BP75 38402 St Martin d'Hères cedex
04 76 82 66 84
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Teaching domains
- Materials Science, Solid State Chemistry (Phelma, Master Erasmus Mundus FAME)
- Energy Conversion and Storage (Phelma)
- Engineering of nanomaterials and interfaces (Master2R, UJF Phitem)
- Practicals in Phelma (ultrasonic spray pyrolysis, auto-combustion, solid-state reactions,...)
- International School ESONN at Grenoble (European School on Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies)
- Invited lectures in International schools (Germany, Japan, Viêt Nam, Brazil)

Research themes
- Architectured ceramics with controlled microstructure for energy (electrodes, electrolyte) and for bioactivity
- Elaboration of nanostructured powders (spray pyrolysis) and original films (electrostatic spray deposition)
- Physical-chemistry of surfaces and interfaces
- Solid-state electrochemistry
- Solid oxide fuel cells, electrolysis at high temperature, bioceramics, and bioglasses

Activités / CV

Education & Career
1988: Ph.D. in Solid State Chemistry "Single crystalline fluorides" (Clermont-Ferrand, France)
1988-1989: Post-doctorate "Superconductors" (Univ. Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA)
1989-1990: Post-doctorate "Diamond as thin films" (LEPES, Grenoble, France)
Since 1990: Assistant Professor at Engineering School ENSEEG/Grenoble INP (CNU33), LEPMI
2004: Habilitation, Speciality Process, and Engineering, Grenoble INP
2006: Full Professor at engineering school Phelma/Grenoble INP

2010-2015: Leader of the group IES (Interfaces in Electrochemistry of Solids) at LEPMI
2008-2012: Member of the National Committee of CNRS, section 14
-2015: Responsible for International Relations Department (Electrochemistry and Processes for Energy and the Environment, Phelma-EPEE)
-2015: Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Startup EnWireS

Main academic and industrial collaborations
CEA-Grenoble, CEA Saclay, GDF-Suez, EIfER Karlsruhe, ADEME, Baïkowski, Northwestern Univ., IPEN Sao Paulo, UNESP Presidente Prudente, INSA Lyon, ICMCB Bordeaux, SIMAP, LMGP, UCCS Lille, …
GDR PACS, Labex Cemam, Institut Carnot

Scientific Production
(h=28, 2598 citations, 21.3 cit./item. Web of Science, December 2020)
122 publications in international peer-reviewed journals
55 proceedings, 1 international patent
25 international invited conferences, 28 invited seminars, 148 oral presentations

16 Ph.D. theses + 3 in progress
12 post-doctorates