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Soutenance de thèse de M Misgina Tilahun Tsehaye

Publié le 28 mars 2021
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Soutenance 12 avril 2021
Soutenance le 12 Avril 2021 à 10h00  
Adresse de la soutenance : Amphi de la Maison Jean Kuntzmann
110 rue de la Chimie. Domaine Universitaire

M. Misgina Tilahun Tsehaye soutiendra sa thèse intitulée " Development of Anion Exchange Membranes for Aqueous Organic Redox and Zinc Slurry-Air Flow Batteries"

Thèse Misgina

Thèse Misgina

Redox flow batteries, in particular, aqueous organic redox flow batteries (AORFBs) and Zinc (Zn) slurry-air flow batteries are considered to be very attractive candidates for large-scale electricity storage due to their safety and environmental friendliness, economic feasibility and high storage capacity. In these batteries, the membrane allows the transport of ions between the catholyte and the anolyte while providing a physical barrier between the two compartments in order to prevent electrical short circuits. The performance, lifespan and cost of these batteries are greatly affected by the physicochemical properties and type of the employed membrane. However, a critical discussion of the state-of-the-art studies on membranes showed that the research and development of appropriate membranes for these batteries has received insufficient attention.
In this PhD thesis, aiming at first understanding the correlations between the membranes properties and cell performances, commercial porous and prepared anion exchange membranes were ex-situ characterized and tested in the Zn slurry-air flow battery and AORFB, respectively. This was followed by various membrane synthesis and modification strategies to prepare membranes with reduced active species crossover and improved battery performances. The results in this work not only contribute to the basic understanding of the relationship between membrane properties and RFBs performances but also greatly contribute to the future market of the RFBs with low cost and high performance.
Keywords: Anion exchange membranes, Aqueous organic redox flow battery, Zinc slurry-air flow battery, Structure-property relation, Battery test

Directeurs de Thèse : Fannie Alloin et Cristina Iojoiu

Composition du jury :

Monsieur Lionel Flandin

Professeur, USMB, Examinateur

Monsieur Emmanuel Baudrin

Professeur, UFR de Pharmacie -UPJV, Rapporteur

Madame Odile Fichet

Professeur, Université Cergy Pontoise, Rapporteur

Monsieur Mathieu Etienne

Directeur de Recherche CNRS, LCPME, Examinateur

Monsieur Steven Le Vot

Maitre de Conférences, Université Montpellier, Examinateur

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mise à jour le 28 mars 2021

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